Participants at the Convergence Forum include an invitation-only group of company founders, senior level executives, investors and healthcare leaders along with a select group of service providers who sponsor the program.  Request an invitation  or call us at 617-437-1400 if you would like to join us.

Companies JOINING US at the 2020 Convergence Forum include:


Alexandria Real Estate Equities
Ambys Medicines
Apollo Health Ventures
Aquilo Partners
Arrakis Therapeutics
Artizan Biosciences
AVEO Oncology
BC Platforms
Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute
Black Diamond Therapeutics
Boston Globe
Broadview Ventures
CBT Advisors
Comet Therapeutics
CytoSite Biopharma Inc.
Erytech Pharma

GNS Healthcare
GrayBella Capital
Halloran Consulting Group
Harbour BioMed
Helix Nanotechnologies
Johnson & Johnson
Kaleido Biosciences
Koch Institute at MIT
Lassen Therapeutics
Lysosomal Therapeutics
MacDougall Biomedical Communications
Momenta Pharmaceuticals
MRL Ventures Fund

Navitor Pharmaceuticals
Nocion Therapeutics
Nuvation Bio
Ovid Therapeutics
Oxford Finance
Pandion Therapeutics
Park Square Executive Search
RMG Associates
Roivant Pharma
Siamab Therapeutics
SmartPharm Therapeutics
Sunovion Pharmaceuticals
Werewolf Therapeutics