What opportunities get created as fields converge? What challenges surface as markets, policies, and investing dynamics shift? What new scientific discoveries are potential game-changers? Convergence exists to explore those questions (and many others), with a high-level audience interested in what’s happening in the rapidly-converging worlds of biotech, pharma, healthcare, medical devices, and the Internet.

The Convergence Forum fosters real debate and discussion among audiences that are every bit as high-level as the speakers.  The programs provide an opportunity for participants to make important new contacts, do business, explore important new directions in research, delve deeply into what it takes to maintain competitive advantage in a fast-changing world, and leave feeling recharged.


Bring together high-level healthcare players to discuss and debate the most pressing topics of interest to the industry.  Create useful connections and relationship.  Help companies big and small succeed.


Our programs deliver a rapid-fire stream of ideas, advice, lessons-learned, and important insights – not a parade of 15-minute company presentations. They are not your typical investor conferences – they are invitation-only gatherings designed for people who make news in healthcare innovation.  The program is specifically designed to also allow time and space to foster deals among participants.


Life sciences executives and company founders; heads of R&D; strategy executives and insurers; hospital research, innovation and licensing executives, chief business officers; venture capitalists; investment bankers; and partnership execs at pharmaceutical companies.


Participants will exchange ideas with industry leaders, develop useful connections with a select group of colleagues, and lay the foundation for future business dealings.


In addition to the annual Convergence Forum, there are occasional opportunities to bring together a subset of the participants to delve further into a given topic.  Past topics have included “How Deals Evolve”, “Getting Funded”, “Diagnostics: Their Future Impact on Drugs, Devices and Healthcare” and “Live from the Labs”.

Programs have also been hosted on the West Coast which have similarly brought together a select group of life sciences executives and company founders; heads of R&D, chief business officers, venture capitalists, investment bankers; and partnership execs at pharmaceutical companies to discuss and debate the most pressing topics of interest to the industry – topics like forging strong corporate partnerships; attracting funding from private and public sources; building successful research organizations; streamlining product development and approval; understanding the coming convergence of biology, software, and medical devices; and staying ahead of regulatory changes.

Topics of interest have also been reproduced as a publication, The Convergence Guide

For more information about any of these programs or if you have an interest in gathering a select group of industry influencers around a specific topic, please contact us.


Convergence is one of the high-level gatherings produced by Future Forward Events, LLC. Since 2000, our programs, which also include the Nantucket Conference, have assembled innovators and change agents from various fields — people as diverse as John Abele, co-founder of Boston Scientific; inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil; genomics pioneer J. Craig Venter; Google CEO Eric Schmidt; Ethernet inventor Bob Metcalfe; Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster; Genzyme CEO Henri Termeer; medical device entrepreneur Dean Kamen; and Doug Melton of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute.